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Paradis Cellar: is the only cellar that carefully handles the aging of wine distillates across Central and Eastern Europe. This is the place that offers, through evaporation during aging and the maturation of distillates, "the angels' part", holding in oak barrels the quintessence or "the heart" of distillates. After "burning" wines during the double distillation process in plain fire, stills allow us to feel the strength and spirit hiding in every drop of wine distillate.

Over 4,000 oak barrels nestle the best wine distillates during the maturation and the aging process, thus passing the test of time and giving us the opportunity to enjoy a pool of distillates of over a million liters, distillates whose quality has helped us stand out in competitions around the world. Time has passed over these distillates and kept the former sparkling flavour and floral notes characteristic to the varieties they were obtained from. Morever, coffee, chocolate and tobacco flavours have been added, thus giving the wines savor and elegance.