Domeniile Panciu

Located at the piedmont steps of The Sub Carpathians of Curvature, Tifesti can be found in the heart of the vineyards that form Panciu vineyard. Bathing in Putna River in the west and Susita Rinver in the East, Dealul Sarbilor is a vineyard paradise where some of the best wines in Eastern Europe are produced.

Land features - balanced humidity and excellent sun exposure that the geographical position offers - make this grape beverage the one with the highest acidity in the country. It was not by accident that, from these same vineyards, the first Romanian sparkling wine was produced in the 1970's.

Romanian Wine History

Wine growing has been known for centuries long in Romania. The country has been favored by its geographical position in South-Eastern Europe, by its proximity to the Black Sea, as well as by the specificity of the local soil and climate. Alongside France, Italy, Spain, Germany, countries in this area like Romania could also be called "a vine homeland" in Europe.

Legends of these places say that the country was so rich in vineyards that it is believed that Dionysos, the god of wine, was born in Thracia, on what is nowadays the territory Dobrogea (South-East of Romania).

Vincon Wineries

Vincon Vrancea is the largest company producing wine and wine-based products in Vrancea and was founded in 1949. At the beginning Vincon had 5 units where the grapes were harvested and processed by traditional methods, without pressure or fermenters. After collectivization in '62, bigger agricultural cooperatives were formed in the area.

In the '70s, as a result of a significant investment, there were created 25 wine-making units. During this period the first unit in Romania for the aging of wine distillates was set up.

Villa Vinea Winery

VILLA VINEA wines are the fluid vitality of an extraordinary land, part of a unique microclimate, nestled in the vally of the Tarnave river, one of the oldest wine regions of Transylvania.

The south-facing slopes, planted with a unique mix of grap varieties, are swept by the north-west winds, which help regulate the rhythm oft he vines, cooling them down in the hot summer days, evaporating excess water, and thus enabling grapes to retain their sugars, acidity, and flavors, specific to this one terrior.

Domeniile Ostrov

Ostrov vineyard is a producer of white wine, red wine, rose wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, or sweet wine. There are 2 centres of wine making with a storage capacity of 130.000 HL. Ostrov Winery (45.000 hl) is located on Regiei Street, Ostrov. This is where we store, bottle and make wines. Lipnita Winery (85.000 hl) is located just outside Lipnita, 27 km away from Ostrov Winery. Here, we only store and make wines.

Ostrov Winnery also has a long tradition of Wine Tasting events.

Stirbey Winery

For over 300 years, the Stirbey Family has owned vineyards in the Dragasani wine region. Wines are grown here according to well-developed principles, preserved by each generation. We wish to preserve those principles and pass them on to the future generations.

We are devoted to traditional grape varieties that have evolved over the centuries. They have adapted to the pedo-climatic conditions of the vineyard and only there can they fully develop their personality. Vinifying them separately, we are only producing single grape wines in order to reveal the individual character of each variety.

S.E.R.V.E. Winery - Ceptura

A 6 lines description in “The World Atlas of Wine”, written by Hugh Johnson, was enough to bring Romanian terroir to the attention of Count Guy Tyrell de Poix, a French dentist and wine aficionado, descendant of a winemaking family with a tradition of over 600 years in this industry. Sensing the potential of Romanian wine regions, he left behind the Corsican wine domain he was managing (Domaine Peraldi). He arrived in Romania in 1993, at Ceptura, Dealu Mare, and he was mesmerized by the Feteasca Neagra created by a young winemaker, called Aurel Rotarescu…this is how our story begun.

Traditions regarding birth, wedding and burial in Bucovina

In Bucovina each important life moment is surrounded by old traditions. Moments as birth, wedding, or burial are marked by both Chistian and pre Christian customs and rites.

Childbirth is a significantly joyful event for every family. In those moments, the mother and the midwife would perform a series of rites. The parents would be involved in a series of practices meant to protect the infant from the dark forces and to integrate the newborn in society.

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