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Vincon Vrancea is the largest company producing wine and wine-based products in Vrancea and was founded in 1949. At the beginning Vincon had 5 units where the grapes were harvested and processed by traditional methods, without pressure or fermenters. After collectivization in '62, bigger agricultural cooperatives were formed in the area.

In the '70s, as a result of a significant investment, there were created 25 wine-making units. During this period the first unit in Romania for the aging of wine distillates was set up.

Three installations of the Charentaise type were purchased and a distillery was set up in Focsani. Collectivized agricultural units led to the establishment of the Vinalcool Focsani State Enterprise, which later, in 1980, became the Vrancea Vine and Wine Enterprise. Until the Revolution, the unit had been one of the leading providers of bulk wine to achieve the annual production plan of the entire country. Immediately after '89, the unit turns into a trading company, known as Vincon Vrancea. After an auction the company was bought by Luchi Georgescu. "It was a radical change because from that moment on, the technology and most of the equipment has changed. Moreover, trade policy has changed as we gave up bulk wine trade. We made those changes in order to be able to get the best quality wines. We realized that if we wanted to become a renowned company we would have to sell only bottled wine, both on the domestic market as well as export.

This wine-growing region includes 3 famous vineyards: Beciul Domnesc, Paradis, Carligele.

Vincon Winnery
Casa Vrancea
Crama Vranceana
Crama Paradis
Jad X.O. 28 years

Beciul Domnesc Cellar: was built in the 15th century, during the reign of Stephen the Great. Today, this cellar has become UNESCO World Heritage monument, a place where there is a touch of Romanian history and where you can witness the metamorphosis of the wine - from quality wines to perfect wines.

Here, a professional wine cellar with over 100,000 bottles of wine dating from 1949 to the present, is waiting in silence for time and tranquility to help with the transition from childhood to adulthood and then become high-ranking representatives of wine families. When opening a bottle of wine from the Beciul Domnesc cellar, you'll feel like you have become a small fraction of the history of this place and of the miracle that turns the wine inside the bottle into a masterpiece.

Paradis Cellar: is the only cellar that carefully handles the aging of wine distillates across Central and Eastern Europe. This is the place that offers, through evaporation during aging and the maturation of distillates, "the angels' part", holding in oak barrels the quintessence or "the heart" of distillates. After "burning" wines during the double distillation process in plain fire, stills allow us to feel the strength and spirit hiding in every drop of wine distillate.

Over 4,000 oak barrels nestle the best wine distillates during the maturation and the aging process, thus passing the test of time and giving us the opportunity to enjoy a pool of distillates of over a million liters, distillates whose quality has helped us stand out in competitions around the world. Time has passed over these distillates and kept the former sparkling flavour and floral notes characteristic to the varieties they were obtained from. Morever, coffee, chocolate and tobacco flavours have been added, thus giving the wines savor and elegance.

Carligele Cellar: Stepping through the vineyards that border the roads in this famous vineyard country, you can smell the floral notes of Sauvignon Blanc, or taste the freshness of Muscat Ottonel. Soothing notes of lime and musk pour out of these flavours, as well as the warmth and strength of red wines that are born in the shadow of the Curvuture Carpathian hills which lie under the quiet sun that warms their slopes.

Here you will find a cellar that has opened its doors to people passionate about wine: the VINCON team protects the birth of exceptional wines and hosts guests who visit us. The tasting room is not a place that only provides an environment that encourages you to enjoy the wonders of wine varieties, but also a place where you can see how wine is born. This room benefits from both modern technology and traditional methods. The wine sits quietly in barrels or large casks, enshrined from generations long gone. Every drop of wine holds the history of these lands and the promise of a good wine that will forever be encased in your memory.

The best winemaking techniques are employed in order to preserve the delicacy of our wines. The confidence that we have always had in the potential of Romanian viticulture, the fascination for the Romanian wine-making tradition and the desire to restore the prestige of Romanian wines in the world are only three of the many reasons that convinced us to give a name to our ambition to produce exceptional wine. Vincon winery was thus born. Over the years, our wines have won the admiration of wine lovers everywhere. We develop our activity in the region of Vrancea, the biggest wine-growing region in the country, with more than 28.000 vine cultivated hectares.The modern technology (imported from Italy, France and Germany) gives this company real possibilities of obtaining high quality wines for the home market and for export. All the noble wines obtained are the result of an oenology engineers team, of their efforts and abnegation, as well as of some famous technologists with a special training in Bordeaux-France.

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Carligele Cellar - Carligele, Bontesti Village

Beciul Domnesc – Odobesti, 1 Beciul Domnesc Street

Paradis Cellar – Focsani, 8 Bucuresti Avenue


Bucharest Headquarters - Vincon Logistic

1-E Valsanesti Street, District 3, Bucharest

Focsani Headquarters - Vincon Vrancea

12 Avantului Street, Focsani, Vrancea Co

Region: Vrancea County

Distances to nearby cities: Tecuci:36 Km, Râmnicu Sărat:40 Km

AOC: Cotesti, Odobesti, Panciu, Husi

Area: Areas planted with vines continue to grow; the vineyard has now over 1,500 acres of grape-bearing vines.

Bottled annually (in Litres): 

2013 turnover rates:

Wine- 12.000.000 L

Brandy - 50.000 L

Spirits -280.000 L

Vinegar - 1.200.000 L

Annual turnover: 24.000.000 EUR in 2013

Owner: Luchi Georgescu - Majority shareholder