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The conjunction of a local and international is to be found again in the fascinating collaboration between two men, the Italien winemaker Lucin Celestino, who received the titel Winemaker oft he Year 2009, given by the famous Italian publication Gambero Rosso, and Mihaly Denes, the cellarmaster who dedicates himself tot he vines, the grapes and the wines. The two, who share a geniune friendship along with a common winemaking vision, focus on letting each wine be ist true self, practicing a careful vinification, always searching for aromatic complexity, balance, length, and mellowness of tannins. Thus, the work in the cellar, a cross-bridge between local, Transylvanian winemaking tradition, and use of up-to-date temperature-controlled technology, centers on the inspiring red barrels room, where wines are aged to achiev perfect maturity of taste and structure.

The building itself is of original architecture, featuring an imposing tower, which overlooks a myriad of vines, hills, and villages nestled in the valley. Once more the authenticity of the place was highly regarded, and the tower was built in the traditional Transylvanian watchtower style. This is a place of great charcter, memorable to all who see it, giving wines of great character, memorable to all who teste them. The promise was kept.